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The Project

Hacienda Aguas del Maullín is a first class residential real estate project located in the heart of the Maullín River in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. It has 315 hectares of countryside, forests and an extensive riverbank.

The extension of the Hacienda’s surface is defined fundamentally by the River, which gives its special characteristic to it. It is an imposing body of water, born as the only outlet from Lake Llanquihue to the Pacific Ocean and the most important in the Los Lagos Region, known worldwide for its fundamental condition for species biodiversity.

5.7 km

river side


  • Underground electrical network and low-rise road lighting.
  • Potable water distribution network.
  • Wet pipe fire-fighting system.
  • Access control portal.
  • House for the general administrator of the project.
  • Surveillance booths with basic services for the general control of the project.
  • Infrared camera network.
  • Garbage area (transfer of waste to municipal trucks).
  • Clean point of ecological order.

Master Plan

The great scenary provided by nature has allowed us to create a project at “Hacienda Aguas del Maullín” that achieves different types of ways of living and enjoying the property. With 228 projected plots of effective 5,000 m2 each, with a mainly rectangular geometry, we have created a naturally habitable project divided into two large areas, which in turn have been divided into four different types of inhabiting the countryside, by way of stripes that replicate the geometry of the river and its slopes.

48 Ha

Green areas


The Hacienda presents a proposal of experiences that aims to bring its users to enjoy and feel belonging to a place of rustic nature.

The Hacienda intends to offer its users a direct relationship with nature, through water sports activities in the river and lagoon such as fishing, kayak and stand-up paddle, as well as land activities, through tree-climbing sports circuits, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking, among others.

“Natural Food at your Table” Shop

It is a project seeking to offer its users food produced at the same farm in fresh and packaged format, as well as providing high-quality food produced by local people. The objective is to meet the needs of users by bringing them closer to country life.


The location of Hacienda Aguas del Maullín is strategic, taking into account the short distance that exists mainly between it and the Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt. Its radius includes tourist attractions typical of the Los Lagos Region. To the northeast, Lake Llanquihue, the city of Puerto Varas and Frutillar, Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes and Todos Los Santos Lake. Towards the west the Pacific coast that overlooks the Carelmapu beach and the city of Maullín, among other attractions. To the south are the city of Puerto Montt, the beginning of La Carretera Austral and Pargua at the entrance to Chiloé.
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